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About Thrust Avia

Thrust Avia found in 2017 and keep growing up with your Trust!

Thrust Avia specializes in aircraft teardown and inventory management, offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality aircraft parts sourced from our own Teardown projects.

With a keen understanding of the aviation industry and a commitment to sustainability, we provide seamless solutions for aircraft owners, operators, and after-market traders.

We trade only stock items from our own inventory. This makes us a real trusted Supplier, together with our full warranty policy for %100 customer satisfaction.

Our locations; Main office & warehouses: USA – Florida, and the Sales office and warehouse in Turkiye – Istanbul and soon will be in UAE – Dubai.

At Thrust Avia, we’re more than a supplier – we’re a partner in the sustainable progression of aviation.
Explore our website to learn more about our aircraft teardown projects, browse our available materials, and connect with us to discuss how we can assist you in your aircraft endeavors.

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