Thrust Avia found in 2017 and keep growing up with your Trust!
Thrust Avia specializes in aircraft teardown and inventory management, offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality aircraft parts sourced from our own Teardown projects.
With a keen understanding of the aviation industry and a commitment to sustainability, we provide seamless solutions for aircraft owners, operators, and after-market traders.
We trade only stock items from our own inventory. This makes us a real trusted Supplier, together with our full warranty policy for %100 customer satisfaction.
Our locations; Main office & warehouses: USA - Florida, and the Sales office and warehouse in Turkiye - Istanbul and soon will be in UAE - Dubai.

Being more than a supplier, we are your trustable partner in the sustainable progression of commercial aviation.

Our Projects

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  • TYPE 321-131 (IAE V2530-A5)
  • YOM 1998
  • LOCATION Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkiye
  • STATUS Completed 2023
  • TYPE A320-214 (CFMI CFM56-5B4/P)
  • YOM 1997
  • LOCATION Sanford/ Florida, USA
  • STATUS Completed 2022
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  • TYPE A330-342 (RR Trent 772-60)
  • YOM 1995
  • LOCATION Turkiye / Antalya Airport , Turkiye
  • STATUS Completed 2018
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  • TYPE A320-232 (IAE V2527-A5)
  • YOM 2006
  • LOCATION Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkiye
  • STATUS Completed 2017

Our Customers and Vendors

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