Technical Services

With 40 years of combined field experience, Thrust Avia is able to provide operators with comprehensive support irrespective of their geographical location, including:

  • Aircraft Pre-buy, Delivery, Re-Delivery and Acceptance Inspections.

In close corporation with the airline or lessor, SAMCO can perform aircraft pre-purchase or pre-lease inspections, aircraft delivery inspections and asset management and support. A fully documented audit of the aircraft's technical records in order to establish its airworthiness status and commercial value is a key function in fleet expansion, acquisition or aircraft re-delivery. Combined with an aircraft technical audit, you can be assured that your asset is well looked after.

  • Maintenance representation and Cost Management.

Thrust Avia provides MRO maintenance oversight and other technical representative services to Airlines, Operators and Lessors worldwide. We have managed heavy checks for commercial aircrafts in USA, Mexico, South America, UK, Europe and Turkey. Our services are more than simple site representation, we closely monitor work hours and parts cost. We provide detailed audits of the MRO's interim and final invoice.

Our Heavy Check Technical Representation & Advisory Services

  1. Evaluate heavy check work scope packages for pre planning.
  2. Source & evaluate capable repair stations.
  3. Negotiate work scope rates, fees and scheduling.
  4. Total technical documentation & quality oversight of maintenance event.
  • Engine Maintenance Management.

Thrust Avia provides comprehensive & independent engine management services aimed at saving its customers’ time and money.

With our experienced Powerplant Engineers and piece part inspectors team we offer  workscope planning and  the follow up during a shop visit in the most detailed way in order to minimize the engine shop visit cost and high performance. We are providing scrap assessment and part repair management to lower prices compared to what airlines would pay at the shops at that particular moment.

  • On-Site Engine Support.

Apart from the shop visit, we offer our customers a number of alternative options to deal with the engine problems with our FAA/EASA Approved on-site teams, including borescope inspections, Top Case repairs or hospital repairs . Whatever the issue, we are ready to offer the solution that fits best for engine maintenance for our customers.

  • On-Site NDT Support