Inventory Services

  • Inventory Valuation, Purchase, Sakes, Marketing, Consignment Services

Thrust Avia is well placed to assist airline customers and MROs to divest themselves of excess stock. It is often the case that inventory purchased directly from the OEM to support a fleet, but that fleet has now changed, so it is surplus to a requirement. Thrust Avia can evaluate surplus stock and offer disposal, lease back, or other variety of tailored options.

  • End of Life Solutions; Aircraft Teardown Management

Thrust Avia provides management and services for Aircraft Disassembly and Recycling to customers in Europe, CIS and Middle East. Our focus is first on environmental safety and then to complete the project within a defined scope.

Thrust Avia also offers FAA/ EASA licensed teams has the knowledge of the environmental risks, safety protocols, and technical knowledge of aircraft dismantling & recycling process.


Thrust Avia provides to its customers planning, initial provisioning, repair and purchasing services. Our highly skilled professionals help manage your supply and demand, improve your procurement operations and optimize all aspects of Supply Chain operations.

  • Repairs

Thrust Avia sources repair services from its contracted component repair and overhaul facilities. All repair shops are rigorously benchmarked to ensure absolute consistency in terms of repair quality and turn-around-time.

  • Sale, Exchange & Loan

No matter how frequent or extensive your requirement, our customer service team is available 24/7/365 to source your Spares and Tool requirements for all commercial jets. We offer a range of vendor management, Repair Management, Material Sales, Exchanges, Spares Pooling, Tooling, and Surplus Consignment services. We guarantee a service level or a range of pricing based on either volume or exclusivity, including:

  • 24/7/365 AOG services
  • A dedicated customer manager
  • Regular reporting on request
  • Consolidated invoicing per project as required
  • Logistics and transportation services

All spares are supplied with full certification with guaranteed delivery from our extensive inventory.